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I’m a mum of three (6, 4, 2). For me, having kids means my biggest dream coming true. It’s blessing from God to have them. Although, it still applies, that children are best when they’re asleep. And on photos, too. Every night when they’re all 3 fast asleep, I go to check on them and I watch them with a smile on my face. Their breath is calm and their little faces are so beautiful and gentle. I think of all the funny things they’ve said and done that day. Or even naughty little things they’ve done. I just smile and enjoy the moment and the quiet in the house :)

Facebook abstinence: 7 things I’m grateful for

Admit it. Facebook is addictive. All social media are. They’ve been designed to trap your attention and keep you hooked as long as possible. Average daily time spent on social media is estimated to 116 minutes – that’s nearly 2 hours! However no one realizes it’s that bad because no one is counting it… 2 […]

Fertility Calculator

Sometimes, trying for a baby is not as easy as it might seem at the very beginning. Most of the healthy couples conceive within a year. One year is a long time – at least if you’re actively trying for a baby, isn’t it? Because you’re here, reading these lines, I suppose that you are trying […]

Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Details Suitable age: 6 months+ Batteries operated (type AA, 3pcs), which should be included in the packaging (please, double check with the seller). There are 2 levels of volume and the toy can be turned off by putting the main switch into the middle position. It has lights & sounds & even a motion sensor under […]

Pregnancy calculator

Are you pregnant? Yikes! That’s an exciting time 🙂 I’m sure you’re wondering when’s your due date. Or maybe you already have your due date confirmed and you still want to know all your other pregnancy dates and how many weeks are you. Here comes the calc that uses not only LMP date but your […]

Asthma in real life: How to control it

When you have asthma, you always need to be in a “watch out” mode for early asthma worsening signs or for things that you know are triggers for you. This way you can stay above it and not to worry about anything as you have it all under control. Peak flow meter or your home […]

Is there any great mum nearby?

Someone once told me: “Why do you have a baby blog? You should have a blog about allergies, you know so much about them…” My answer was simple. Why isn’t my blog about allergies? Because my life is not about allergies. It was long time ago since the allergy was diagnosed for my baby and […]

Asthma in real life: diagnosis & treatment

Asthma is a scary diagnosis. Especially for someone who doesn’t know much about it. But for us, who live with it for years, it’s everyday part of our life. All we can say is: Well, we can live with that. I’m not trying to underestimate the severity of this condition, I’m just trying to send […]