Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise


  • Suitable age: 6 months+
  • Batteries operated (type AA, 3pcs), which should be included in the packaging (please, double check with the seller).
  • There are 2 levels of volume and the toy can be turned off by putting the main switch into the middle position.
  • It has lights & sounds & even a motion sensor under the lid which activates the song.

Quick description

Fisher-Price Cookie Shape Surprise is usual and very popular shape sorter for babies and toddlers. It includes 5 shapes: a circle, a heart, a triangle, a square and a star. Shapes are chunky and easy to hold for the little hands. It has 2 different modes for sounds: learning shapes and learning numbers (which are written on the shapes). It sings songs and has a light-up nose which can be pressed to make different noises.

What mummy says about this toy?

We bought this toy around six years ago (note: written at the time of recording the video) and surprisingly, it survived up to these days. It still works and it looks new. I must say, that all 3 of my kids loved this toy, played with it a lot and weren’t always gentle with it, if you know what I mean 🙂

If you’re asking why is our Fisher Price Cookie Jar pink and not yellow, it’s because all our friends, at the time of purchasing this toy, already had it, loved it, but had a yellow version of it. I wanted this toy for my baby girl and I managed to find one store that had it in pink. They only had last few pieces of them too, so I grabbed it and run to the checkout before someone else would take it. I see that you can still buy it in pink however yellow one is more popular.

How does a baby play with it?

First thing that baby learns to do with the Cookie Jar, is to press its nose to see the light and hear sounds. This happens even before recommended 6 months of age. The next stage is to take all the shapes out and put them back in through the opening on the top. The lid is quite hard to open so your little one will need your help opening it for the first few weeks/months.

When my daughter was between 8-10 months, I taught her to put the shapes by holding them in her hand reversed as it was much easier to fit them into the hole this way. I had to show her which shape goes where at first but then she got it and was trying different holes for each shape before she could find the right hole just by looking at it (at around 12 months of age.)

Developmental areas

Cookie Jar is a typical toy to practise the eye-hand coordination. It also encourages interaction, teaches cause & effect, shapes, colors and numbers. Your baby will develop better fine motor skills with it too.


Buying this toy was certainly money well spent for me. It looks nice, kids loved it and the quality is astonishing – as I said, it survived 6 years of active playtime, many falls and it still looks like new. My youngest little one is 2 ¼ years old and is still playing with it sometimes.

Like it if you like it 🙂

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