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How to dress baby in winter

You can laugh at me as much as you want but yes, this was one of the questions I asked my very best friend Google when I was expecting my first baby. She was due early January so she was clearly going to be a winter baby. It was also one of the coldest winters […]

Where’s more sugar? Smoothies or candy bars?

Are your kids getting loads of sweets and chocolate bars everywhere they go? Or is it only my kids that are being overloaded with unhealthy well-meant treats? Our cupboard is full of snacks that I didn’t buy and I’m not happy about at all. I want to raise my children in a healthy way and […]

Traveling with baby and toddler

Most people love to travel. In fact, it’s getting more and more popular. Everyone wants to “see the world” before they settle down. If you’re one of the travel addicts, you certainly wouldn’t want to give it up just because you had a baby. The good news is: you don’t have to! In case you […]

Cooperation with a child

Cooperation with a child is an everyday struggle for many of us. Parents often feel frustrated when they need their children to do something and they, instead of doing it, are playing deaf. It’s like you’re talking to a wall. Get dressed please, wash your hands, eat your food, tidy up your little trains please. […]

Car seat guide for dummies

Picking the right car seat for your child can be a rocket science. There’s so many to choose from, some are too expensive and some are too cheap to believe that they’re good & safe. If you’re new to it and you’re just starting googling, here is an initial walk through or better to say […]

Why to have children

We all know how great children are. They’re so cute and clever and creative and… they’re simply amazing. You have so much fun with them too. Your house is never quiet when they’re around and when they’re not there you feel empty and alone. So it’s pretty much clear, everybody should have children. Full stop. […]