Fertility Calculator / Ovulation Calculator

Sometimes, trying for a baby is not as easy as it might seem at the very beginning. Most of the healthy couples conceive within a year. One year is a long time – at least if you’re actively trying for a baby, isn’t it? Because you’re here, reading these lines, I suppose that you are trying […]

Am I pregnant? 11 early pregnancy signs BEFORE missed period

Some women know they’re pregnant before their period is even due, because they feel pregnant. Some are mistaking early pregnancy signs for PMS. Here are 11 most common signs that you could be expecting alongside with the explanation what causes them. 1. Tender or sore breasts As soon as the fertilized egg implants in uterus, […]

Why to have children

We all know how great children are. They’re so cute and clever and creative and… they’re simply amazing. You have so much fun with them too. Your house is never quiet when they’re around and when they’re not there you feel empty and alone. So it’s pretty much clear, everybody should have children. Full stop. […]