Fine motor skills activities for preschoolers

Fine motor skills activities for preschoolers
From Toddler to School Age

My son’s fine motor skills were obviously delayed. He didn’t draw or color in AT ALL at the age of four. I realized I had to do something about it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go to school at the usual age.

What did I do?

I started to do fine motor skills activities with him almost every day. I had to start with something very simple that he enjoyed and slowly introduce “more advanced” activities that his peers were already so good at.

While practicing, I didn’t want him to “just” exercise his fingers. I also wanted to make sure he was learning all the other things he needed for the start of school: colors, shapes, numbers, patterns and letters. That’s why I introduced some of it, little by little, into each and every activity.

Simple fine motor skills activities will make a big difference

A year passed and I noticed a big shift: my little boy who, up until then, only played with cars and trains, turned into a big preschooler. He enjoyed drawing, mazes and riddles in his exercise book and started to write some words in capital letters. His concentration span improved a lot too and I stopped being worried about him going to school.

What activity to choose?

If your child isn’t ready for sitting at the desk & drawing, you need to start with playing with him on the floor with his favourite toys. Choose a play that would help to strengthen his fingers. For my son, it was definitely playing with Lego Duplo. In my opinion, those blocks are being underestimated when being presented as the toy for 1,5 to 5 year olds. Kids can have a burst of creativity each time they play with it well beyond the age of five. By building and taking apart the blocks, they’re exercising their little fingers too.

Please read the full article (which I wrote as a guest post) to see which activities I used for my son to improve his fine motor skills: Fine motor skills activities to get your child ready for school.

Good luck & have fun playing or creating with your kids.

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