Facebook abstinence: 7 things I’m grateful for

Admit it. Facebook is addictive. All social media are. They’ve been designed to trap your attention and keep you hooked as long as possible. Average daily time spent on social media is estimated to 116 minutes – that’s nearly 2 hours! However no one realizes it’s that bad because no one is counting it… 2 […]

Potty training in 1 week: Case study

Potty training in 1 week is the only way of potty training that I have an experience with. I won’t be trying any other ways any more as all my 3 kids are successfully toilet-trained now. I’m not saying that potty training in a week is the best option for you and your kids, every […]

How to dress baby in winter

You can laugh at me as much as you want but yes, this was one of the questions I asked my very best friend Google when I was expecting my first baby. She was due early January so she was clearly going to be a winter baby. It was also one of the coldest winters […]

Guide for mums: How to drink your coffee warm

Ah well… we all know that yack… ehm, I mean yummy taste when you finally find a 30 second break in your busy life to drink your coffee (which was made couple of hours ago). There’s been so many jokes about it, FB cartoons and calls of desperation. Maybe you gave up and say: “Pha! […]

Traveling with baby and toddler

Most people love to travel. In fact, it’s getting more and more popular. Everyone wants to “see the world” before they settle down. If you’re one of the travel addicts, you certainly wouldn’t want to give it up just because you had a baby. The good news is: you don’t have to! In case you […]

Car seat guide for dummies

Picking the right car seat for your child can be a rocket science. There’s so many to choose from, some are too expensive and some are too cheap to believe that they’re good & safe. If you’re new to it and you’re just starting googling, here is an initial walk through or better to say […]

Handling life with the first baby (mummy knows the best)

Finding out that you’re expecting, no matter if you planned it or not, is one of the most emotional things you will ever go through in your life. There’s couple of reasons for that: You’re pregnant = you’re extremely hormonal. There’s a new life growing inside of you (kind of freaky if you’ve seen any […]