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Is there any great mum nearby?

Someone once told me: “Why do you have a baby blog? You should have a blog about allergies, you know so much about them…” My answer was simple. Why isn’t my blog about allergies? Because my life is not about allergies. It was long time ago since the allergy was diagnosed for my baby and […]

About me. Or why do I have a baby blog?

My name is Jarmila and I’m a mum of three wonderful children. I always knew I wanted to have children and couldn’t wait for it to happen. In the right time & right place of course, with the most amazing man in the world. This was my dream & I feel very lucky that it […]

My children. Number one, two and three.

Someone once told me that mums are only as good as they can be, not as good as they want to be. I’m not a perfect mum. But I hope my kids will read this article some day and they will appreciate that I’ve tried to understand them and I’ve always loved them for who […]